ToneRow. Your very own virtual conservatory.

We study music because at some point we experienced its magical power. The performance that captivated us from the first note...the artist who conjured thoughts and feelings we didn't know exist. How did they do that?


It's not "genius." It's lots of practice, attention to detail, and good instruction. Really good instruction.

ToneRow is a virtual conservatory that is accessible to anyone. We remove barriers of distance, travel time, limited enrollment, and high tuition to extend the reach of remarkable teachers and expand your opportunities for learning.

Welcome to ToneRow.

Learn from the world's finest music masters.

Daniel Panner

Mannes School of Music, viola

Elizabeth De Trejo

Curtis Institute, voice

Emmanuel Ceysson

LA Phil, harp

Our teachers are renowned for their performances and pedagogical skills—they set the standards in their fields.

We have faculty from over 30 conservatories, including Juilliard, Curtis, Mannes, and NEC.

We've built the technology so you can focus on technique.

  • Record and archive lessons.


  • Annotate lessons in real time, and delete them when no longer needed.

  • Adjust video layout to suit different instrument configurations.

  • Access lesson videos, documents, notes, and goals, all on your dashboard.

      ...And do all of this on Mac or PC, with no need to download software.

ToneRow Lesson
ToneRow Instructors
ToneRow Instructors

ToneRow is designed especially for...

Teachers & Students

When traveling isn't easy or possible, just stay home and turn on your computer!

Advanced Students

When seeking extra preparation before a competition or audition.

Avid Amateurs

Who seek access to expert training that's unavailable locally.

Conservatory Faculty

Who receive requests for trial lessons from prospective students.

Engaged Parents

When locally available teaching no longer suffices for their child.

Performing Artists

While traveling, to give lessons to students back home.

ToneRow - Because even masters had teachers

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We believe that student-teacher compatibility is critical to the success and enjoyment of lessons. We've gone to great lengths to give you a sense of each musician's style to help you determine an ideal "fit." Many teachers also offer a free meet-and-greet to allow you to get acquainted. No commitment required.

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